Studio LONK is a spatial design studio that makes stories tangible. In our exhibition designs, product/collection presentations, spatial scenarios and sets, the visitor is literally immersed in the topic. Studio LONK stands for intelligent spatial design and brand storytelling. We create spaces that influence the human experience and dare to rethink our future. The studio is known for its playful brand storytelling and bold self-initiated projects. Each space we create is uniquely designed to tell the story behind our research, the story behind your organization.
Celine de Waal Malefijt
Celine de Waal Malefijt
  • Spatial design
  • Interior architecture
  • Multimedia
Anna Dekker
Anna Dekker
  • Sociology
  • Urban Planning
  • Research


Co-founders Celine de Waal Malefijt and Anna Dekker are joined by Ailisha Naomi Shannon (project management), Shami Durrani (design & build), Thomas Tiel Groenestege (design), Eva James (design & communications) and Jeanne Breard (design intern).


Studio LONK creates exhibition designs, research spaces, product and collection presentations, spatial scenarios, workspaces and sets that literally immerse the viewer in the story we want to tell. Our designs engage all of your senses, combining shapes, colors, text, sound, and various media. As a result, we create a unique and impactful story that - unlike when reading a text or watching a video - leaves a lasting impression.


Studio LONK starts each project by creating clear objectives together with the client. We consider the story we want to convey, to whom, why, in which context, and the effect we want the design to have. As soon as we have answered these questions clearly, we create the storyline and determine the most effective way to communicate the narrative. The result is a spatial experience that speaks directly to the target audience. Our goal is achieved when the experience of our work, long after its first impact, continues to be remembered, felt and its message spread.


Since 2009* Studio LONK has demonstrated the power of spatial storytelling as a method to truly reach and engage audiences. We have a strong background in sociology, urban planning, architecture, design and brand strategy. A combination which allows us to consider all aspects of experience. We create concepts, designs and build our spatial installations in-house.

* Until April 2018, Studio LONK operated under the name "studio KNOL", founded in 2009 by Jorien Kemerink and Celine de Waal Malefijt.