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‘From complex science to artistic research’

Between Science and Fiction

Studio LONK translated complex scientific material into a tangible installation. After years of research, quantum physicists from TU Delft were the first to announce that so-called "quantum entanglement" exists - and Einstein's theory of locality is incorrect. LONK was able to follow the process from the experiment to the announcement for a year.

Quantum entanglement is one of the most fundamental claims of quantum theory; that objects at great distances can influence each other at the same time without being in physical contact with each other. The phenomenon has been known for some time, but has now been proven by this group of scientists. The scientists have succeeded in entangling electrons at a distance of 1.3 km. The result is practically invisible, but will have a huge impact; it opens the door to a future in which information can no longer be intercepted and can move faster than the light (teleportation!).

The desire to make the results known and tangible for non-scientists also led LONK to materialize in the form of a light installation. The work tells - in an abstract way - the story of countless photons in a state of entanglement.

The results of the quantum physics experiment have been published worldwide. Read here een artikel in de New York Times.