interactive art

‘A physical-digital archive’

Mobile Memorial

Studio LONK developed in collaboration with Driebit an interactive monument for the Jewish victims of the Second World War.

Until 1940, the Hollandsche Schouwburg was a popular theater presenting many well-known Dutch theater pieces. The function of the Schouwburg has changed drastically over time, to the war monument of today. Jews were gathered here during the Second World War before they were deported to concentration camps. Thousands of people have been held here for days, sometimes weeks, waiting for a fate unknown to them.

In the Hollandsche Schouwburg a memorial room has been set up with a wall of names in memory of these Jewish victims. Studio LONK worked with Driebit on a new design for the interactive and mobile version of this monument. There is a growing online database with information about the life and death of every Jewish victim; the Digital Monument. An "ikPod" - a simple device with RFID technology - links the physical name on the wall to the digital archive.

The design language refers to a curling page, suggesting that the visitor can continue reading. The devices are handed out to visitors at the entrance. If you slide and click on a name with the "ikPod", it retrieves all information available online about that person. Visitors can also add information about the victims on site via the Digital Monument website.