exhibition design

‘Ten perspectives on the city of the future ’

Post-Fossil City

Who has not seen the images of lonely polar bears, balancing on melting ice blocks? The alarm bells have been ringing for years; it's time to say goodbye to oil, coal, and gas. But what does that mean for our cities? How are we going to live, work, travel?

Studio LONK created a landscape for the "Post-Fossil City" exhibition; the result of a competition in which artists, designers, architects, urbanists, writers, photographers and filmmakers were asked to develop ideas about a city without fossil fuels.

As a powerful and provocative narrative that functioned as the "glue" holding the 10 winning projects, Studio LONK designed a landscape of gray oil tanks, which literally "break open" with new ideas and imaginations. Central to the design are the recurring round shapes and the use of bright, alarming yellow. After the great success in the Utrecht city hall, the exhibition traveled on to the city hall of The Hague.