interactive art

‘Space Here Becomes Sound’

HAY Sonos One

Studio LONK turned the presentation of the HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection into an interactive sound and color experience.

"Space Here Becomes Sound" investigates the relationship between sound, color and our emotional connection with home. The work consists of five colored frames, each connected to a HAY Sonos One speaker.

Each frame represents a spherical space in the house. By rotating the frames, visitors change the focus and volume of the soundscapes while triggering their associative memory. As one plays with the colored frames, one walks through the hallways of an imaginary house.

By designing not only with tangible materials, but also with sound and personal memories, we created an installation that introduces the new HAY for Sonos line to the imagination of the visitor. 'Space Here Becomes Sound' was presented by FRAME on Dutch Design Week 2018.

FRAME published 3 articles about the installation:

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