interactive art

'Space Here Becomes Sound in the USA'

SHBS x Wonderspaces

Studio LONK created a custom edition of the work ‘Space Here Becomes Sound’ for Wonderspaces - an art show traveling across the United States.

‘Space Here Becomes Sound’ is an interactive installation which combines kinetic sculpture and sound. By rotating a series of colored frames, users trigger sounds that express various ambiances of domesticity. From a cosy family dinner to the distant hum of the street outside. Combining different layers or sequences of sound lets users craft their own soundscape that stirs up personal thoughts, memories and visions of the home.

The work investigates the relationship between sound, color and our emotional connection with home. It aims to capture the essence of home in its purest form: its very minimal design presents us with the idea that our sense of home might not depend on collected objects and furniture, but instead can be much more post-material and memory-based.

‘Space Here Becomes Sound’ is on show traveling with Wonderspaces from June 2019 onwards. Wonderspaces partners with artists to deliver artwork to new audiences by creating art shows that travel among a growing number of cities in the US. The mission of Wonderspaces is to create shared understanding through shared experiences.

This work was originally developed for SonosxHay during Dutch Design Week 2019.